iunie 26, 2012
"Hope impedes adaptation. In other words, if you're stuck with some­thing, you learn to live with it. And the soon­er you learn to live with it, the hap­pi­er you will be."
George Loewenstein

iunie 25, 2012
"Every man's got a choice to make . . . . And you know what the choice is: com­mit­ment or new pussy. That is the ques­tion: com­mit­ment or new pussy. You know, com­mit­ment will give you a headache every now and then; new pussy always clears your mind."
Chris Rock

"Now it is true that the needs of human beings may seem to be insatiable. But they fall into two classes – those needs which are absolute in the sense that we feel them whatever the situation of our fellow human beings may be, and those which are relative in the sense that we feel them only if their satisfaction lifts us above, makes us feel superior to, our fellows. Needs of the second class, those which satisfy the desire for superiority, may indeed be insatiable; for the higher the general level, the higher still are they. But this is not so true of the absolute needs – a point may soon be reached, much sooner perhaps than we are all of us aware of, when these needs are satisfied in the sense that we prefer to devote our further energies to non-economic purposes."
Chris Hayes

iunie 21, 2012
''Love and sexual desire activate different areas of the striatum. The area activated by sexual desire is usually activated by things that are inherently pleasurable, such as sex or food. The area activated by love is involved in the process of conditioning by which things paired with reward or pleasure are given inherent value
Somewhat surprisingly, this area of the striatum is also the part of the brain that associated with drug addiction. Love is actually a habit that is formed from sexual desire as desire is rewarded. It works the same way in the brain as when people become addicted to drugs."
Jim Pfaus 

iunie 18, 2012
alde y: si daca eu vreau sa merg la o gradina zoologica o sa mai vorbesti cu mine?
alde x: nu
alde x: cu siguranta nu
alde x: mai bine vizitam o puscarie
alde x: aia macar stiu de ce sint acolo
alde y: stii ca in austria au scapat doi leoparzi de la gradina zoologica
alde y: I thought that might make you happy
alde y: insa cred ca au fost prinsi intre timp...
alde y: chair daca fug repede.

iunie 12, 2012
"Everything of value needs a hierarchy, where something is high up and something else is low down and everything else takes its place accordingly."
Steve Heimoff

iunie 08, 2012
"Executable thought arises when written things can be automatically consumed and manipulated. This breathes life into what previously was just an inert string of symbols. The most obvious example of this is a computer compiling and executing something written in a traditional programming language. This is also the thing that most often hooks people into becoming programmers – the idea of converting pure thought into action."
Vivek Haldar

iunie 06, 2012
“Early love is when you love the way the other person makes you feel. Mature love is when you love the person as he or she is.”
Mark Goulston

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