noiembrie 05, 2022
'If the consumer economy depended upon me, we’d be in a deep depression.' Fran Leibovitz

'If everyone believes one thing, the costs of believing something else increase dramatically, making the consensus opinion the only viable option' https://stratechery.com/2022/the-current-thing/

There’s a theory in psychology called depressive realism which says depressed people have a more accurate view of the world because they’re more realistic about how risky and fragile life is. It’s the opposite of “blissfully unaware.” http://www.collaborativefund.com/blog/endless-uncertainty/

“If I am I, because you are you, and you are you, because I am I, then I am not I, and you are not you. But if I am I because I am I, and you are you because you are you, then I am I and you are you, and we can talk.” ― Menachem Mendel of Kotzk

Kundera: I learned the value of humor during the time of Stalinist terror. I was twenty then. I could always recognize a person who was not a Stalinist, a person whom I needn’t fear, by the way he smiled. A sense of humor was a trustworthy sign of recognition. Ever since, I have been terrified by a world that is losing its sense of humor. Excerpt from: "Shop Talk: A Writer and His Colleagues and Their Work" by Philip Roth.

mai 23, 2022

Lichid in burta

'Soarele vibreaza linistit pe cer. Plaja e atit de plina cu oameni incit pare aproape suprinzator faptul ca nisipul nu s-a surpat inca sub greuatatea turistilor imbecili veniti aici ca sa stea rastigniti la soare si sa raspunda cu nonsalanta in 90% din cazuri la intrebarea "Ce faci?"cu "Ma bronzez". Un barbat de vreo treizeci de ani isi invata baietelul sa inoate. Il ia in brate si apoi il arunca in apa. Baiatul inoata ca un catel, cu miscari dezordonate si se straduieste sa inainteze. Cind se apropie de mal tatal il insfaca si-l azvirle din nou in apa. Povestea se repeta de citeva ori. Copilul plinge fara sa faca prea mult zgomot si pare de fiecare data sa fie convins ca acum chiar va ajunge la mal. In cele din urma reuseste sa fie lasat in pace. Se repede in fuga spre cearceaf unde isi ascunde capul in miinile mici si bronzate de sub care se aud hohote infundate de plins. Tatal se apropie, il mangie pe cap si il intreaba "Ce-i ma, doar nu te-ai suparat?"...'


Being good at something doesn’t promise rewards.

It doesn’t even promise a compliment. What’s rewarded in the world is scarcity, so what matters is what you can do that other people are bad at. /

aprilie 01, 2022

Masina de spalat vise.

martie 17, 2022

'Which reflects a more general, meta rule: Omnis determinatio est negatio = Every determination is a negation. If you clearly define your authority that looks like a powerful move, but it's not. Firstly, if you were really that powerful why would you even need to say it out loud?'

Kamil Galaev /

martie 15, 2022
'tata, tu vrei ca totul sa fie bine. dar tata, nu se poate sa fie totul bine.' A.

februarie 01, 2022

'There are certain people, in effect, who become uncancelable. Dave Chappelle, Joe Rogan, Howard Stern, before he became a total pussy, their audience is big enough they will be fine no matter where they are. Their fans are effectively able to cancel cancel culture.' Clay Travis

decembrie 31, 2021

"Intellectual promiscuity is at the heart of whatever it is that you do." Helen Dewitt



“Costumele turcilor erau realizate la o fabrică de plăpumi din Horezu, iar turbanele erau improvizate din pernele luate cu împrumut de la casa de odihnă balneară din Govora. Din cauza penuriei de bijuterii otomane, costumiera a fost nevoită să lipească direct pe gîtul actrițelor cioburi colorate de sticlă și perle false. Penele extrase din pernele de la Govora, vopsite în culori stridente, au fost folosite ca leitmotiv al decrepitudinii generale.“ Radu Boruzescu


You have to, in a sense, revise the narrative of your own life, and what fiction does, what poetry does, what narrative does is give you a wealth of narrative possibilities so you can recognize that no matter how bad your life is right now, that there’s an escape, there’s a rescue, there might even, in the Greek sense, be a deus ex machina, an intervention which saves you. I believe that the suicide epidemic in the United States, the opioid epidemic in the United States, especially among young people, is among people who cannot, in a sense, get control of the stories of their own lives.

Dana Gioia


I think poetry has a social function but it’s a relatively complicated and subtle one, which is to say, the reason that we have art is, in a sense, to increase human happiness. It does that, essentially, on an individual level. A work of art awakens you. It awakens you to the possibilities of your own potential. It takes that potential, it enlarges it, it refines it, and each art does it in different ways. Music appeals to the auditory sense, an organizational, formal structure in the mind. Painting is visual. Sculpture is visual and tactile. In the old days, people always would feel sculptures. Poetry is to our language and our emotional functions. They awaken emotions and awaken our ability to articulate them.


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